Saturday, 31 January 2015

Frank McComb at the Jazz Cafe Review

                  A Master Class with Frank McComb @ the Jazz CafĂ©  

There is something extraordinary about the supremacy of live music. Especially when it takes you on a journey vocally and lyrically, all you can do is gawk, soak up the music and let the magic of it serenade you. 

With certain types of music, particularly this kind, there is no need for fancy lighting or smoke machines to provoke or stimulate the senses. The grand piano and a couple of microphones standing unaided on stage, was just what Frank McComb needed to serenade my ears and warm up my insides on that wintry night.

Some may know that Frank is not just an exceptionally talented vocalist. He writes, produces and composes music. Personally, I would put him on par with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. They all fuse jazz, blues and soul to convey their stories.

The Night with Frank most certainly felt like we were invited into his home. All that was missing was a mug of steaming tea or coffee and a few biscuits and a fire place.  He displayed an affinity with his audience and fans by inviting whoever was willing, to take the microphone and sing with him.  This was a truly amazing thing to witness.

I have witnessed a truly amazing artist at work. For singers of any genre this was a master class. I would recommend whoever wants a nice evening of entertainment to go see Frank McComb, when  we are graced with his presence again.

Motolani K